Friday, July 25, 2014
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Breakfast Favourites


 almond croissants, £1.50

 freshy baked buns, 85 pence

plain croissants, £1.15

white scones, 85 pence




 apple danish, £1.25

 cinnamon danish, £1.25

 sultana danish, £1.25




 selection of donuts, 95pence

 cream cakes mmmm, £1.25

 box of 9 reception pastries, £1.15 each tartlette

 hot fresh muffins, 99pence

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    Scottish confectionery company Tunnock's has predicted an increase in sales of its teacakes, after the treat was aired on BBC One on Wednesday as dancers performed in giant teacake costumes.
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    Ready, set, bake…! Popular TV show The Great British Bake Off will return to screens on Wednesday, 6 August.  
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    Sugar is the latest health war- the media has become a mine field of stories linking sugar to obesity, heart disease and even cancer. British Baker has followed the sugar debate closely, and when campaign group Action on Sugar called for sugar tax and reductions in food, we asked bakers what they thought. Jim Brown from the British Society of Baking writes to express his views on the ongoing sugar dispute. 

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