Wednesday, July 27, 2016
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Breakfast Favourites

There’s nothing like a hearty English breakfast at the start of a long and busy day ahead. At The Ciabatta Bread Co., one of the best patisseries in London, we endeavour to provide you with a wide selection of breakfast items.

If you love taking your morning coffee with croissants, then you’ll definitely love the plain and almond croissants available at our patisserie. Kids will love to gorge on our wide selection of doughnuts and cream cakes that come with decadent chocolate topping.

At our patisserie, we also specialise in making hot, fresh muffins and tarts in a wide variety of flavours. Our white scones are some of the best you’ll find in London and they go perfectly with jam and clotted cream. As one of the best patisseries in London, we take pride in our freshly baked buns and different Danish pastries like Apple Danish, Cinnamon Danish, and Sultana Danish. 


 almond croissants, £1.50

 freshy baked buns, 85 pence

plain croissants, £1.15

white scones, 85 pence




 apple danish, £1.25

 cinnamon danish, £1.25

 sultana danish, £1.25




 selection of donuts, 95pence

 cream cakes mmmm, £1.25

 box of 9 reception pastries, £1.15 each tartlette

 hot fresh muffins, 99pence

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